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Journal Papers
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Segregative phase separation of gelatin and tragacanth gum solution and Mickering stabilization of their water-in-water emulsion with microgel particles prepared by complex coacervation Winter 2023
Preparation and characterisation of biodegradable polylactic acid/ethyl cellulose film produced using the extruder and roller mixer machine Winter 2023
Effect of combination of ultrasonic treatment and anti-solvent methods as a high-efficiencymethod of nanoparticle production on the tragacanth gum properties July 2022
Cold plasma treatment to prepare active polylactic acid/ethyl cellulose film using wheat germ peptides and chitosan Fall 2022
Thermodynamic compatibility of gelatin and tragacanth gum in aqueous systems February 2022
Stabilization of Pickering emulsion using tragacanth nanoparticles produced by a combination of ultrasonic and anti-solvent methods January 2022
A colorimetric indicator based on copper nanoparticles for volatile sulfur compounds to monitor fish spoilage in intelligent packaging Summer 2022
Structural, physicochemical and functional properties of an exudate gum: opopanax gum February 2022
Stabilisation of water in water Pickering emulsion containing gelatin and maltodextrin by bitter vetch protein nanoparticles July 2022
Rye secalin characterisation and use to improve zein-based film performance March 2021
Secalin enzymatically cross-linked by either papain and N-acetyl-DL-homocysteine thiolactone or transglutaminase: Improving of protein functional properties and film manufacturing September 2021
Stability enhancement of garlic essential oil using new opopanax gum/gelatin nanofibres January 2021
Fabrication of fluorescence sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer on amine-modified carbon quantum dots for fast and highly sensitive and selective detection of tannic acid in food samples April 2021
Functional properties of rye prolamin (Secalin) and their improvement by protein lipophilization through capric acid covalent binding January 2021
Potential use of glycerol- and/or spermidine-plasticized secalin films as leaf surface coatings for sustainable plant disease management June 2021
Secalin films acylated with capric acid chloride February 2021
Effect of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) microencapsulated in alginate and whey protein concentrate addition on physicochemical and organoleptic properties of functional stirred yogurt August 2020
Fabrication of nanostructured mesoporous starch encapsulating soy-derived phytoestrogen (genistein) by well-tuned solvent exchange method Spring 2020
Production and evaluation of low-fat frankfurter sausage by emulsion filled gel based on inulin and rice bran oil Fall 2019
Octenylsuccination of sago starch and investigation of the effect of calcium chloride and ferulic acid on physicochemical and functional properties of the modified starch film Spring 2019
Nanoencapsulation of hesperetin using basil seed mucilage nanofibers: Characterization and release modeling May 2019
Physicochemical and functional properties of oleaster (Elaeagnus angustifolia L.) polysaccharides extracted under optimal conditions August 2019
Evaluation of wheat flour substitution with amaranth flour on chicken nugget properties Winter 2018
Investigation of stability, consistency, and oil oxidation of emulsion filled gel prepared by inulin and rice bran oil using ultrasonic radiation September 2018
Iron microencapsulation in gum tragacanth using solvent evaporation method July 2017
Basil seed mucilage as a new source for electrospinning: Production and physicochemical characterization Spring 2017
Encapsulation optimization of lemon balm antioxidants in calcium alginate hydrogels Summer 2016
Development of edible films and coatings from alginates and carrageenans Winter 2016
Optimization of cocoa butter analog synthesis variables using neural networks and genetic algorithm Fall 2014
Selective determination of sucrose based on electropolymerized molecularly imprinted polymer modified multiwall carbon nanotubes/glassy carbon electrode August 2013
Rapid nonenzymatic monitoring of glucose and fructose using a CuO/multiwalled carbon nanotube nanocomposite-modified glassy carbon electrode June 2013
Recovery and Evaluation of Residual Oil in Spent Bleaching Clay Used in Soybean Oil Refining Spring 2013
A study on parameters of potential cocoa butter analogue synthesis from camel hump by lipase-catalysed interesterification in supercritical CO< sub> 2</sub> using response surface methodology November 2012
Optimization of cocoa butter analog synthesis variables using neural networks and genetic algorithm January 2012
Comparative Evaluation of Iran Scientific Productions in Food Science and Technology with Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, Argentina and Malaysia in Web of Science through 1990- 2010 Spring 2011
Optimization of enzymatic synthesis of cocoa butter analog from camel hump fat in supercritical carbon dioxide by response surface method (RSM) June 2009
طراحی شناساگر رنگ سنجی بر پایه کورکومین براي تشخیص فساد ماهی قزل آلا Spring 1401
کاربردهاي نقاط کوانتومی کربن در تشخیص و بسته بندي مواد غذایی Spring 1401
بررسی ویژگیهای فیزیکی و مکانیکی فیلم زیست تخریبپذیر جاوشیر حاوی رزین و نانوذرات جاوشیر Fall 1401
طراحی شناساگر رنگ سنجی بر پایه کورکومین براي تشخیص فساد ماهی قزل آلا Spring 1401
مروري بر کاربرد نانو ذرات فلزي در شناساگرهاي رنگسنجی مورد استفاده در بسته بندي هوشمند محصولات گوشتی Summer 1400
Books Chapter
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Applications of Quantum Dots in the Food Industry Spring 2023
Active nanoenabled packaging for the beverage industry Summer 2020
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Edible micro and nano structures Fall 2020
Conference Papers
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A study on two different electrodes for sucrose determination February 2014
Fast monitoring of sucrose using CuO/MWCNTs nanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrode February 2013
Recovery and Evaluation of Residual Oil in Spent Bleaching Clay Used in Soybean Oil Refining November 2011
Optimization of enzymatic interesterification of camel hump fat in supercritical carbon dioxide to produce cocoa butter analog November 2011
Scientometric study of Iranian scientific publication in the field of Food Science and Technology based on the database of Web of Science (1990-2010) November 2010
Investigation of physicochemical properties of camel hump fat and its potential applications in different food industries October 2009

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