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Enhancing hamburger shelf life and quality using gallic acid encapsulated in gelatin/tragacanth gum complex coacervate Winter 2024
Natural resin as a biosource and bio‑based plasticizer for edible resin/ethylcellulose composite flm preparation Winter 2024
A Simple Colorimetric Volatile Nitrogen and Hydrogen Sulfide Indicator Based on Filter Paper and Saffron Petal Anthocyanins to Monitor Fish Spoilage in Intelligent Packaging Summer 2023
Development and characterization of antioxidant bilayer film based on poly lactic acid-bitter vetch (Vicia ervilia) seed protein incorporated with Pistacia terebinthus extract for active food packaging Summer 2023
Segregative phase separation of gelatin and tragacanth gum solution and Mickering stabilization of their water-in-water emulsion with microgel particles prepared by complex coacervation Winter 2023
UV‑blocking active packaging flm made from TEMPO‑oxidized nanocellulose and amine‑modifed carbon quantum dot Fall 2023
Preparation and characterisation of biodegradable polylactic acid/ethyl cellulose film produced using the extruder and roller mixer machine Winter 2023
A colorimetric indicator based on copper nanoparticles for volatile sulfur compounds to monitor fish spoilage in intelligent packaging Summer 2022
Stabilisation of water in water Pickering emulsion containing gelatin and maltodextrin by bitter vetch protein nanoparticles Summer 2022
Structural, physicochemical and functional properties of an exudate gum: opopanax gum Spring 2022
Thermodynamic compatibility of gelatin and tragacanth gum in aqueous systems Spring 2022
Stabilization of Pickering emulsion using tragacanth nanoparticles produced by a combination of ultrasonic and anti-solvent methods Summer 2022
Cold plasma treatment to prepare active polylactic acid/ethyl cellulose film using wheat germ peptides and chitosan Fall 2022
Effect of combination of ultrasonic treatment and anti-solvent methods as a high-efficiency method of nanoparticle production on the tragacanth gum properties Summer 2022
Potential use of glycerol- and/or spermidine-plasticized secalin films as leaf surface coatings for sustainable plant disease management Winter 2021
Secalin films acylated with capric acid chloride March 2021
Fabrication of fluorescence sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer on amine-modified carbon quantum dots for fast and highly sensitive and selective detection of tannic acid in food samples Fall 2021
Rye secalin characterisation and use to improve zein-based film performance February 2021
Secalin enzymatically cross-linked by either papain and N-acetyl-DL-homocysteine thiolactone or transglutaminase: Improving of protein functional properties and film manufacturing Spring 2021
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Applications of Quantum Dots in the Food Industry Spring 2023


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