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Comparative Evaluation of Iran Scientific Productions in Food Science and Technology with Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, Argentina and Malaysia in Web of Science through 1990- 2010

Hajar Shekarchizadeh,Nafiseh Dehghanpour, Nafise Soltanizadeh, Mahdi Kadivar
Publication date
Journal name
Iranian Food Science and Technology Research Journal


The aim of this study was comparative evaluation of Iran scientific output in the field of food science and technology with five countries including Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, Argentina and Malaysia during 1990-2010 in the Web of Science. The number of indexing scientific outputs in this database show that Ireland, Argentina and Turkey ranked sequentially. Articles have the largest share of scientific output in all six countries. Number of citations show that Argentina and Ireland have received the most number of citations. U.S.A. has the most collaboration with all six countries to produce scientific output in food science and technology area .Applied chemistry is the subject area that had the most cooperation with food science and technology in all of the studied countries.




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