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Recovery and Evaluation of Residual Oil in Spent Bleaching Clay Used in Soybean Oil Refining


Hajar Shekarchizadeh,Amir Hossein Goli, Hadieh Daghighi


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Iranian Food Science and Technology Research Journal



Bleaching of crude oil with bleaching clay is one of the steps in preparing of edible soybean oil. After separation of bleaching clay by filteration, Due to its high adsorption, about 20 to 40 percent of the oil remains, which causes a lot of oil waste. The objective of this study was to extraction and evaluation of residual soybean oil in spent bleaching clay. In order to investigate the effect of gas type used during passage of oil through filter, flow of air and nitrogen gas was used to supply pressure to remove more oil from clay. Residual oil content was determined by Soxhlet method and some of the physicochemical properties of extracted oils were investigated. Finally, the fatty acids profile of studied oils was determined by gas chromatography (GC)




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